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About Us

About Us

About The Company

Our business is owned by the husband-and-wife team, Kahn and Hong Truong. They have always been looking for different ways to stay on top of their health because they know their highly acidic diet could cause different kinds of ailments.

Throughout the years, Kahn has taken all sorts of medication. However, it did not solve his health problems. He asked around for advice, and one of his friends suggested he change the water he drinks. Kahn didn’t take his friend’s advice seriously until he was made to recognize the fact that our bodies are 70% water, so people should focus on that instead of the other 30%.

Kahn did his research and discovered alkaline water. However, it was more expensive than what his budget could cover. So, he decided to make the product himself.

After drinking the alkaline water he made, Kahn started to feel so much better. This inspired him to open an alkaline water refilling station business and help other people experience the same amazing health benefits. He then made it his goal to provide products that allow customers to lead healthier and happier lives.

Be it drinking, cooking, or making coffee, Kahn has used alkaline water for everything. He now hardly takes any medication, and he does not even have to take allergy medicine anymore