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What's Hot?

Water stores are; according to Entrepreneur magazine, which noted this in their popular “what’s Hot”, section. Water store are the new waves of the future. The water industry is more than a billion-dollars industry and increasing. Why? I tell you why. The people are making a lot of money. They finding out that water are their liquid gold.

The Problem:

People do not like the taste of their tap and filtered water, and even worse, people are getting sick from their tap water and filter do high acid. Every day we hear stories about bacteria in our local water supply. Worldwide, three million people die each year from water contaminated water. Health department warn the public constantly of harmful chemicals hiding in our local tap water and the situation is not improving. The private sector is taking into their hands what the government cannot afford to do which is supplying men, women and children with pure, affordable drinking water.

What is an Alkaline Water Store?

The K&H alkaline water store today is full-service retail outlet that offers local customers pure and nonacidic water drinking water and related products. The Alkaline water Store provides service and quality drinking water at a price much less the delivered bottles water or water bottled water that they purchase in grocery store. Alkaline water store also sells several of bottle bottles, crocks, coolers and sell alkaline system equipment under sink for the household and the whole house equipment. We are seeing the Alkaline Water Store, as it should be, as a “mini water plant” that provides needed pure alkaline drinking water for the community.

Other Important Information to Consider

  • Low overhead/high profits.
  • Sell a high quality product that people need!
  • Low wage employees.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Can have multiple stores or an absent owner.
  • Low maintenance.
  • No large inventories
  • Great growth potential.
  • Not a franchise (no fee!!)
  • Clean, Nontoxic working area.

Remember, “If it’s worth doing, its worth doing it right”

If you are interesting to be business own this the best opportunity, to own your alkaline water store for more information Please contact me at 713-444-2591