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Immerse yourself in our premier technology that revolutionize you bathroom shower with vitamin C and captivating sense of smell. Using an Aroma sense shower head give you the ultimate spa experience. Our spa-inspired water pressure will leave you refeshed and your skin nourished. once you try our vitamin C shower heads, you will never look at showering the same way again! you’ll get the nagative ionizer that delivers better water pressure and rust removal as will. the shower heads come in handheld or wall-mounted option. See the difference to yourself



Wall  mount shower head 


Small Handheld Shower Head


Large Handheld Shower Head


Wall Mount Replace filters.


Handhelds replace Filters.


Handheld Microfiber Filters


Shower Hose & Bracket replacement


Small cap ring replacement

Large cap ring replacement

Large ceramic Place replacement

Small ceramic Place replacement

Large spray Plate replacement

Small spray Plate replacement

Shower Handle