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Alkaline Hydrogen Equipment


This is the best nature Alkaline System build here in Houston USA. Use no electric water pressure only. very reliable system and effective unit in the marketplace

Filter change very easy, removes most toxics and chemicals, this unit can produces up 75 gallons per day, fit under most sinks

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Premium Six Stage Filtration System

The alkaline Hydrogen system is comprised of six stages of filtration for optimum purification. The system Begins with a sediment filter to remove larger particle and is followed by two GAC filter and carbon block filter and a membrane filter that completes the reverse osmosis process. the purified water is treated further by taste and odor filter and we used special filter that to return all the mineral that lost during the process and turn it into Alkaline Hydrogen antioxidant to create water that make you feel good and better taste

Weight 10 lbs

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