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For 10 per pack

Reusable Water Bottle Cap for 3 or 5 gallons – Non-Spill MADE IN USA.

(Minimum order 10 or more)

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SPILL STOPPING LID: No splashes. No spills. No leaks. Our non-toxic, BPA Free water bottle caps save you from the frustrations of messy water cooler jug changes. They are the perfect replacement water jug lid. Use at home or work, they work with any water jug dispenser. Made in USA, can reusable few times

These innovative caps eliminate spilling when the bottle is placed on the cooler. The inner cap opens smoothly and reseals securely when the bottle is removed from the cooler. Both caps are produced in natural colors for greater recycling potential. SafeGard™ is available in a variety of colors. Custom non-adhesive Kleen-Peel™ labels and foam liners are also available.